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  • 02.03.2020

Are Your Products UL Listing Compliant? Upcoming Revisions to the 2020 NEC Might Get You TAGGED.

The 2020 NFPA 70®, National Electrical Code® (NEC) is officially printed, presenting the latest comprehensive regulations for electrical wiring, overcurrent protection, grounding, and installation of equipment. The NEC releases significant revisions and new requirements every three years to ensure the utmost amount of safety and protection as technology continues to evolve and expand. Remaining at the forefront of knowledge and complying with modifications to industry standards is required to avoid costly rework or safety violations.

All sign installers must be aware of the significant revision made on page 70-513 600.33 © of the latest NEC that states, "All through-wall penetrations shall be protected by a LISTED bushing or raceway." Penetration includes going through the wall of a raceway to the letter and going through a building wall from the letter to the opposing side. The revised code standards become effective January 1, 2020, and local inspectors will begin enforcing the code. Products that are UL Recognized will no longer be acceptable and will not pass code inspections. To be considered code-compliant the product must be designated with a UL Listed symbol. Also, if a sign builder chooses to use conduit, it and its fitting must be "UL LISTED."

Violations to NEC or UL standards raise safety concerns and can result in a red tag on your work. Hefty fines, legal costs, and replacement fees yield dissatisfied customers and wasted time and money. Running a successful business requires your devoted attention, and worrying about whether your work is in compliance or not should be the last thing on your mind. That's why Paige SignWire, your proven connection between power source and sign, is trusted by customers around the world to provide worry-free compliant and reliable products.

Paige SignWire stays ahead of the game and remains the industry leader in technology and expertise due to our consistent efforts in pursuing knowledge and improving our innovative products. All our products are manufactured to meet the current UL and NEC requirements, guaranteed. The Paige WALL BUSTER® is the only product specifically designed for through-wall penetration that is up to date with the newly updated NEC standards. Our new innovative snap-fit technology is easy to use with tubes that snap into bushings. The Wall Buster cuts material and labor costs and provides peace of mind while maximizing your business’s profits.

Paige SignWire is considered the industry’s thought leaders because we are benefit-driven and focused on providing our customers with quality solutions that meet NEC and UL standards 100 percent of the time. Don’t stress about the 2020 NEC updates. Sleep well knowing that Paige SignWire has got you covered with cost-effective, code-compliant, electrical signs, accessories, products, expertise and support. To learn more about how Paige SignWire can increase your profits and decrease your inefficiencies follow our products and innovation blog.

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  • 11.18.2019

Snap 2 LED Power Box

Specifically designed for LED transformer applications, the Snap 2 LED Power Box is now in stock.

This Paige SignWire-designed product is small enough to manage in tight spaces. It is front loading, allowing vertical placement and transformers to be installed later if desire.

Side-mounted, spring-power source holding clips allow installation of powers sources without the use of screws. Holes in the bottom allow natural ventilation to rise to the top and condensation to escape from the bottom. This allows one or two transformers to be installed in a single box, and it is wet listed by UL and can be used for electronic neon transformers. Secondary connections remain free from all moisture and corrosion when used with the Paige Anti-Corrosion Splice Kit.

Contact our sales team for more information on this easy-to-use, code-compliant Paige SignWire innovation.

The Details:

  • New spring-loaded design: easier and quicker to install power sources
  • Larger size: more choices of power sources
  • Heavier gauge Steel: more durable
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