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  • 11.18.2019

Everything we do is designed to save you time and money while protecting against the costs of not meeting codes and compliances.

For decades, we’ve put our energy into making cutting-edge products that will always – 100% of the time – meet NEC and UL standards.

The vast majority of installers don’t even know they’ve broken a code. But Paige Signwire has your back. Take a look at this video to see everything we do to give you a trouble-free installation.

Roxanne is a major shareholder and a Board Member of Paige. For the last 35 years, Roxanne has dedicated her career to the customers of Paige Electric, as well as developing her service and industry expertise.
Roxanne Tobia
Director Of Paige SignWire
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Excellence and Responsibility

Paige has earned ISO 9001:2015 certification for its factories in Columbus, NE and Silao, Mexico. We are dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and continual improvement, while embracing sustainability practices.

You can view our latest ISO Certificates here.