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Semi-Rigid PVC A hard semi-flexible polyvinyl chloride compound with low plasticizer content
Semiconductor A material that has a resistance characteristic between that of insulators and conductors
Separator A layer of insulating material such as textile, paper, polyester, etc. Used to improve stripping qualities and flexibility and to provide mechanical or electrical protection to the underlying components.
Serve A filament or group of filaments such as fibers or wires that are wound around a central core
Served Wired Armor Spiral wrap of soft galvanized steel wires wrapped around a cable to afford mechanical protection and increase the cable pulling tension characteristics
Sheath The outer covering or jacket of a cable
Shield A metallic layer placed around a conductor or group of conductors to prevent electrostatic interference between the enclosed wire and external fields
Shield Coverage The physical area of a cable that is optically covered by the shielding material (expressed in percent)
Shield Effectiveness The relative ability of a shield to screen out undesirable signals
Shock Test A test to determine the ability of a cable to withstand a violent physical concussion that might occur during handling or use
Signal A current used to convey information, either digital, analog, audio or video
Signal Cable A cable designed to carry current of usually less than one ampere per conductor
Silicone Any class of synthetic materials which are polymers with a chemical structure based on chains of silicon and oxygen atoms, with organic groups attached to the silicon atoms. Used as both insulation and jacket, with operating temperature range of -65°C to 200°C.
Silver Coated Copper A type of copper that is used in high frequency applications where the higher conductivity of silver is desired
Sintering Fusion of a spirally applied tape wrap jacket by the use of high heat to a homogeneous continuum; usually employed for fluorocarbon, non-extrudable materials
Skin Effect The tendency of alternating current, as its frequency increases, to travel only on the surface of a conductor
SNM A cable designed for use in hazardous locations consisting of insulated conductors in an extruded nonmetallic jacket which is then covered with an overlapping spiral metal tape & wire shield
Solid Conductor A conductor consisting of a single strand of wire
Solid PE Polyethylene available in several forms: linear low-density polyethylene (LLDP), low density polyethylene (LDP), medium density polyethylene (MDP), high-density polyethylene (HDP)
Spacing Distance between the closest edges of two adjacent conductors
Span In flat cables, the distance from the reference edge of the first conductor to the reference edge of the last conductor, or the distance between the centers of the first & last conductor expressed in inches or centimeters
Spark Test A test designed to locate imperfections (usually pinholes in the insulation of a wire or cable by application of a voltage for a very short period of time while the wire is being drawn through the electrode field)
Specific Gravity The ratio of the density (mass per unit volume) of a material to that of water
Specific Inductive Capacity (S.I.C.) See definition for "Dielectric Constant"
Spiral Shields A type of shield made up of single strands of wires spirally wrapped around a conductor or cable core, more flexible and easier to terminate than woven braid. Typically has a nominal coverage of 95% to 98%.
Spiral Wrap The helical wrap of a material over a core
Stability Factor The difference between the percentage power factor at 80 volts/mil and at 40 volts/mil measured on wire immersed in water at 75C for a specified time
Standing Wave The stationary pattern of waves produced by two waves of the same frequency traveling in opposite directions on the same transmission line
Standing Wave Ratio (SWR) The ratio of the maximum amplitude to the minimum amplitude of a standing wave (stated in current or voltage amplitudes)
Static Condition Used to denote the environmental conditions of an installed cable rather than the conditions existing during cable installation

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