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MHz Megahertz (one million cycles per second).
Microphonics Noise in a system caused by mechanical vibrations
Microwave A short (usually less than 30cm.) electrical wave
Mil A unit used in measuring diameter of a wire or thickness of insulation over a conductor. One one thousandth of an inch (.001").
Mis-Match A termination having a different impedance than that for which a circuit or cable is designed
Modules of Elasticity The ratio of stress to strain in an elastic material
Moisture Absorption The amount of moisture (in percentage) that a material will absorb under special conditions
Moisture Resistance The ability of a material to resist absorbing moisture from the air or when immersed in water
Monomer The basic chemical unit used in building a polymer
MP Designation of multi-purpose cable that meets Vertical Tray flame test
MPP Designation of multi-purpose cable that meets Steiner Tunnel test
MPR Designation of multi-purpose cable that meets Riser flame test
MTW Thermoplastic insulated machine tool wire
Multiconductor More than one conductor within a single cable complex
Mutual Capacitance Capacitance between two conductors when all other conductors including ground are connected together, and then regarded as an ignored ground
Mutual Inductance The ratio of voltage induced in one conductor to the time rate of current change in the separate conductor causing this induction
Mylar DuPont trademark for polyester material used in the form of a tape
National Electric Code National Electrical Code. A consensus standard published by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and incorporated in OSHA regulations
NBS National Bureau of Standards
NEC Abbreviation for National Electrical Code
NEMA National Electrical Manufacturers Association
Neoprene Generic name for polychloroprene synthetic rubber, used for jacketing when suitably compounded
NFFP Abbreviation of National Fire Protection Association
Nickel Coated Copper Bare copper with nickel coating applied overall
Noise Unwanted and/or unintelligible signals picked up on a cable circuit
Non-Power Limited Fire Alarm UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Standard 1425; National Electric Code (NEC) Article 760 of NFPA 70
Nylon A group of polymers which are used for wire and cable jacketing
Nylon 6 A polymer that is typicall used over PVC insulation to improve crush resistance
OFC/OFN Designation of Fiber Optic cable which meets Steiner Tunnel test
OFCR/OFNR Designation of Riser Fiber Optic cable which meets Riser flame test

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