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Extrusion The process of continuously forcing both a plastic or elastomer and a conductor core through a die, thereby applying a continuous coating of insulation or jacket to the core or conductor
FAA Federal Aeronautics Administration
Farad A unit of electrical capacity
Fatigue Resistance Resistance to metal crystallization which leads to conductors or wires breaking from flexing
FEP Fluorinated Ethylene Propylene; a melt extrudable fluorocarbon resin
Field Area through which electric and/or magnetic lines of force pass
Figure 8 Cable An aerial cable configuration in which the conductors and the steel strand which support the cable are integrally jacketed; a cross section of the finished cable approximates the figure "eight"
Filled Cable A telephone cable construction in which the cable core is filled with material that will prevent moisture from entering or passing through the cable
Filler A material used in multi-conductor cables to occupy large interstices formed by the assembled conductors; an inert substance added to a compound to improve properties or decrease cost
Film A thin plastic sheet
Fire Alarm and Signal Cable CSA (Canadian Standards Association International) Standard C22.2 No. 208; Canadian Electrical Code, Part II
Fire Alarm Cable UL Standard 1424 (CCN: HNIR); National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 760 of NFPA 70
Fixture Wire UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Standard 66; National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 402 of NFPA 70
Flame Resistant The ability of a material to resist propagating a flame once the heat source is removed
Flame Retardance Ability of a material to prevent the spread of combustion by a low rate of travel so the flame will not be conveyed
Flammability The measurement of the material's ability to support combustion
Flammability Test A test to determine the ability of a cable to resist ignition when placed near a source of heat or flame and to self-extinguish when removed from this source
Flat Cable A cable with two smooth or corrugated but essentially flat surfaces
Flat Conductor A wire having a rectangular cross section as opposed to round or square conductors
Flat Conductor Cable A cable with a plurality of flat conductors
Flex Life The measurement of the ability of a conductor or cable to withstand repeated bending
Flexibility The ease with which a cable may be bent
Flexible The quality of a cable or cable component which allows for bending under the influence of outside force, as opposed to limpness which is bending due to the cable's own weight
Flexible Cord UL (Underwriter's Laboratories) Standard 62; National Electrical Code (NEC) Article 400 of NFPA 70
Flexible Cords and Cables CSA (Canadian Standards Association International) Standard C22.2 No. 49; Canadian Electrical Code, Part I
Fluorinated Ethylene-Propylene (FEP) A compound that contains fluorine in molecular structure, used as both insulation and jacket with a maximum continuous operating temperature of 200°C and a maximum intermittent operating temperature of 232°C
Fluorocarbon Compounds that contain fluorine in their molecular structure
Foamed (Cellular) PE Polyethylene with air bubbles in the compound, resulting in better electrical properties and cost savings, used for insulation
Foamed Plastics Insulations having a cellular structure
FPL Designation of cable which meets the Vertical Tray flame test for Fire Protection Signaling Systems

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