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SNAP 2 – 980054C

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SNAP 2 – 980054C

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USE ANYWHERE SNAP 2 POWER SUPPLY BOX UL listed for Wet, Damp & Dry Locations

1. Determine the location for the box. Ideally it should be centered between the first and last letter the power source is supplying.

2. Attach the box to the substrate. Screw anywhere in the back of the box between the spring channels. (When used in wet locations, attach the box to the substrate using screws with rubber gasketed heads.) ALWAYS, IN ALL APPLICATIONS ATTACH THE BOX SO THE KNOCKOUT HOLES ARE FACING DOWN.

3. To install the power sources into the box, gently open the spring channels and slide the power sources into the channel. The back of the power source should be facing the side of the box. Push the power source down until it hits the stop at the bottom of the spring channel.

4. The bottom of the box has 7 standard 13/16 inch knockouts.

5. Use the middle back knockout to attach the conduit from the safety disconnect switch box. Make all primary 120/277VAC splices inside the disconnect switch box. Keep all the secondary 12VDC wiring as far away from the primary 120/277 wiring as possible. (Remember the location on the bottom side of the knockouts is a dry/ damp location even when installed in a wet location, use the proper conduit/strain relief products)

6. Use the included #8×32 machine screw and two green nuts as the ground lug. Connect the primary safety ground wire and any other grounding conductors required to this lug.

7. Place the faceplate on the box, push up under the top lip and secure with the self-threading screws to the box.

Can you build your own power-source boxes?

A: Yes, if they are listed by a third-party testing laboratory.