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18/2c Rip Strip® with Ground Plenum – 98P1814M & L

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Rip Strip with Ground LED Wire

18/2c Rip Strip® with Ground Plenum – 98P1814M & L

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98P1814L (500 ft. box) & 98P1814M (1,000 ft. spool)

Plenum Rip Strip, 2 Conductor with Ground, 18 AWG stranded tinned copper and a 14 AWG stranded bare copper conductor. UL Listed for Plenum & sunlight resistant applications 75°C. USE: A 2-18 AWG conductor LED WIRE for connecting low voltage DC power sources to LED modules. NEC/UL compliant. Made in the USA.

Can the following wires Class 2 cables (CMP, CMR, CM, CL3P, CL3R, CL3, CL2P, CL2) be used for wiring in Class 2 driven signs?

A: Yes, but only if they are "LISTED as SUNLIGHT RESISTANT

Can Class 2 wiring be pushed through any penetrations (Walls, raceways, etc.) without protection?

A: No, all Class 2 wiring, must be protected the complete penetration depth of the sub-straight by a "LISTED BUSHING, ENCLOSURE, PASS-THROUGH, ETC. See Spec 980014

Can any class 2 cables be used when directly exposed to the elements (weather)?

A: Yes, if they are "WET LISTED"

Can class 2 wiring be run exposed in a PLENUM (air handling space)?

A: Yes, only if the cable is "PLENUM LISTED"

Can Plenum wire be exposed to UV in signage?

A: Yes, but only if it is "LISTED AS SUNLIGHT RESISTANT"