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Snap 2 LED Power Box

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Posted On January 21, 2019   |  Announcements, Products & Innovation, Industry News, Technology News  |   60   |    0

Specifically designed for LED transformer applications, the Snap 2 LED Power Box is now in stock.

This Paige SignWire-designed product is small enough to manage in tight spaces. It is front loading, allowing vertical placement and transformers to be installed later if desire.

Side-mounted, spring-power source holding clips allow installation of powers sources without the use of screws. Holes in the bottom allow natural ventilation to rise to the top and condensation to escape from the bottom. This allows one or two transformers to be installed in a single box, and it is wet listed by UL and can be used for electronic neon transformers. Secondary connections remain free from all moisture and corrosion when used with the Paige Anti-Corrosion Splice Kit.

Contact our sales team for more information on this easy-to-use, code-compliant Paige SignWire innovation.


The Details:

  • New spring-loaded design: easier and quicker to install power sources
  • Larger size: more choices of power sources
  • Heavier guage Steel: more durable

Roxanne Tobia

Roxanne Tobia

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