signwire system


Wallbuster .
1. "WARNING" Use only with Class 2 Driven LED Power Cables for through substrate penetration protection. DO NOT USE IT WITH ANY OTHER CABLES ESPECIALLY WITH NEON CIRCUITS (GTO CABLES). The max allowable use circuit is (100 VA /30 Vdc).

2. Install the bushing in the ½” electrical knockout hole with the threaded portion of the bushing on the inside of your letter. Put a ½” electrical lock nut on the threaded portion, finger tighten, then turn1/8 turn more. .

3. Install the Wall Buster™ tube to your channel letter with the installed bushing. Push the end of the tube with the bevel end and slotted raceway into the back of your letter through the hex side of the bushing. You will hear and feel the two lock together.

4. When installing letters outside, it is recommended that you put a bead of non-hardening caulk around the tube and on top of the hex to insure water tightness.

5. Behind the wall cut the tube to fit the wall thickness.

6. If a threaded connection is required on the backside of a wall, push a second WALLBUSTER bushing on to the tube, use CPVC pipe glue to permanently attach the bushing to the tube. Cut remainder of tube off.

7. Make your electrical connections behind according to NEC requirements.